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The non-profit sector makes a tremendous contribution to the economic and social well-being of BC communities. But do we have the facts and stories to clearly describe our contribution; we can’t build an understanding of the role and value of BC non-profits without them.

Please join us and connect with other non-profits locally and provincially to help build and communicate the impact of our sector. Share your experiences, results, stories and insights.

You can begin by

Watch the developments on this website and particularly watch for ways you can be part of this project.

Learn more about some of the shared challenges and pressures we face in this sector, and consider strategies and actions for moving forward. But most importantly please get involved. Add your voice to help build a shared story and shared understanding of BC non-profits and their impact.

Project Final Reports
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Four-page Summary

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You can view or download the reports by clicking on the image above and following links:

• Survey Report Summary 2015

• Full Survey Report 2015

• Community Conversations Report

• Collectively Speaking

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