Project Outreach Principles

  1. Inclusivity (Welcoming all BC non-profits to be part of this project)
  2. Diversity (Reflecting non-profits of all types, sizes and regions in BC)
  3. Bottom-up approach (Recognizing that community engagement & input is fundamental / essential to this project)
  4. Working together (Building a shared understanding and informed sector perspective. Promoting the development of a shared non-profit narrative.)

Overall Project Guiding Principles

This initiative is guided by a number of key principles including:

  • The belief in the importance of this work;
  • Recognition of the need to work across all sectors and sub-sectors and across all levels from the grassroots to the national level;
  • A commitment to joint effort and action with the belief that there is the potential for a diverse range of opportunities and actions to happen concurrently at different levels;
  • Engagement through organizations and groups that reflect the geographic diversity of the province as well as the diversity within the non-profit sector including the range of activities represented by non-profit organizations;
  • Building and enhancing the connective tissue between groups, organizations, networks and communities with a focus on supporting the longer term development of strategies that contribute to a shared identity and improved understanding of the value created through the diverse range of organizations that make up the non-profit sector;
  • Build on existing networks, available data and efforts already being undertaken across different sub-groups and sub-sectors within the non-profit sector with a focus on strategies and actions to refine and sharpen the focus of the sector and to work to create a BC narrative;
  • VOC BC and VanCity Community Foundation will provide an important linkage to the national efforts led by Imagine Canada with one of the goals of this project being to “BC-ize” the foundational narrative being development at the national level;
  • This initiative will also focus on creating tools and resources to help support non-profit organizations and community networks in describing and articulating their collective impact and contribution with a focus on describing how the sector contributes to the economic, social, ecological, recreational and cultural well-being of their communities;
  • Ensure that the focus is on the “why we do what we do” and the contribution that the sector makes to the overall quality of life and well-being of communities;
  • UmbrellaRecognize the different roles and relationships across the non-profit sector in BC including the sector’s relationship and role/contribution in identifying and responding to the specific needs of different special populations or vulnerable and marginalized groups.
Project Final Reports
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Four-page Summary

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You can view or download the reports by clicking on the image above and following links:

• Survey Report Summary 2015

• Full Survey Report 2015

• Community Conversations Report

• Collectively Speaking

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