Project Summary

This project includes a number of different phases:

Phase 1: Beginning the Conversation

  • Initial outreach and communication
  • Creation of  project reference group
  • Background research and network mapping
  • Design and administration of a survey of the non-profit sector

Phase 2: Broadening and Deepening the Conversation

  • Regional workshops and forums
  • Development of communication tools and materials
  • The identification of regional leaders
  • The development of key messages to help tell the story

Phase 3: Building the Foundational Narrative

  • The development of a Sector Impact Report
  • The development of tools and resources
  • The development of a foundational narrative and network map in BC
  • Linking to the national narrative

Join us and learn more about some of the shared challenges and pressures that we face in the sector as well as strategies and actions for moving forward.  Add your voice to build a shared story and shared understanding of the role and contribution of the non-profit sector in BC.  To date, we have received more than 900 responses to our survey.  Help to add to the story that we are building by sharing your ideas, insights and reflections.

Project Final Reports
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Four-page Summary

Hot off the press!
You can view or download the reports by clicking on the image above and following links:

• Survey Report Summary 2015

• Full Survey Report 2015

• Community Conversations Report

• Collectively Speaking

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