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With funding provided through the BC Centre for Non-Profit Management and Sustainability, SPARC BC, VOC BC, and Vancity Community Foundation established this project to:

  • Create a common focus and understanding of the different organizations that make up the non-profit sector in BC;
  • Build capacity and support innovation within the non-profit sector as well as strengthen and enhance the understanding of the role, impact and contribution of the sector;
  • Contribute to a long-term strategy to sustain the sector and, at the same time, increase the visibility and contribution of the sector;
  • Promote increased public awareness and support for the work of the non-profit sector and the contribution that it makes to the well-being of communities and regions at the local, regional, provincial and national level.
Project Final Reports
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Four-page Summary

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You can view or download the reports by clicking on the image above and following links:

• Survey Report Summary 2015

• Full Survey Report 2015

• Community Conversations Report

• Collectively Speaking

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