The Next Steps Network

Following the Imagine Canada Summit in November 2011, VOCBC joined Summit participants from the Vancity Community Foundation, and the Vancouver Foundation to organize and host “Next Steps” events to continue work on Summit priorities in British Columbia.

The 50 BC Summit participants were invited to a first meeting on April 4, 2012, to discuss Summit finding. This group, now called the Next Steps Network, decided that we should “BC-ize” the targeted messages and communications being developed nationally by engaging interested non-profits in as many regions and non-profit sub-sectors as possible.

The Next Steps Network emphasized the importance of process recognizing that a BC non-profit foundational narrative will be only be useful and effective if it is ‘owned’ by BC non-profits. The messages and communications about the value and impact of our sector will be most powerful when they are developed, adapted and used by the many diverse organizations it holds.

The Next Steps Network pointed out that such a BC narrative needs to address:

  • the lack of understanding, and lack of common terms, respecting the impact of non-profits on individual and community well-being in BC; and
  • the lack of understanding of the necessary business structure of non-profits, our accountability structure and the impact of changes in our workforce.

And the Network concluded that the BC foundational narrative should recognize:

  • the full value of the contribution of non-profits to society in concrete, inclusive, results-based terms;
  • the significance of collaboration and community building in the non-profit sector;
  • the expertise and role of the sector in decision-making; and
  • the unique features of the non-profit sector in BC.

Since the first meeting in April 2012 the Next Steps Network has come together four more times (June & October 2012 and April & September 2013) bringing new representatives into the network, invaluable advice and connections, as well as their support and enthusiasm for this initiative.

During this time (end of July 2012) the Centre for Non-Profit Management and Sustainability agreed to fund the “New Directions for British Columbia’s Non-Profit Sector Project”, and the project partners, SPARC BC, Vancity Community Foundation and VOCBC have invited the “Next Steps Network” to continue to be involved in this Project as it develops.

Click here to access Next Steps Network meeting notes.

Project Final Reports
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Four-page Summary

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You can view or download the reports by clicking on the image above and following links:

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• Community Conversations Report

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